Creating a wildlife-friendly garden is a wonderful way to connect with nature and encourage biodiversity in your surrounding environment. If you have a new build garden, you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to build a haven for all types of wildlife, including birds and pollinating insects like bees. With a little planning and consideration, you can transform your garden into a welcoming home for local wildlife to enjoy. In this article, we will explore some key steps to show you how to attract birds and other wildlife to a new build garden.

How to Attract Birds and Other Wildlife to a New Build Garden

Inviting nature into your garden is all about integrating the right designs and features into your outdoor space. So, let’s find out how to create a haven for wildlife in your new build garden:

Design Your Garden With Nature in Mind

When starting with the blank canvas of a new build garden, you’ve got an opportunity to design your garden with nature in mind. Consider incorporating diverse habitats such as flowering plants, shrubs, trees, and water features. Create different layers and textures, including tall grasses and native wildflowers, to provide shelter and nesting opportunities for birds. The variety in your garden's design will attract a wider range of species.

Provide Food Sources

One of the best ways to attract birds and other wildlife is by offering a reliable food source. Install bird feeders and fill them with a mix of seeds, nuts, and suet to attract a variety of bird species like finches, wrens and blackbirds. Different types of feeders will accommodate different birds, so consider offering a selection, such as hanging feeders for smaller birds and ground feeders for larger ones. Also, planting native fruit-bearing trees and shrubs, such as hawthorn or elderberry, will provide natural food sources throughout the year.

Incorporate Water Features

Water is essential for wildlife, so incorporating a water feature in your garden is highly beneficial. Install a bird bath or a small pond to attract birds, frogs, and insects. Make sure to provide shallow areas for birds to drink and bathe safely. Adding a small fountain or waterfall can help create movement and sound, which will attract more wildlife to your garden.

Plant Native Species

Choosing native plants is a huge help when it comes to attracting wildlife. Native species have co-evolved with local wildlife and provide familiar food sources and shelter. They are also adapted to the local climate and require less maintenance, making it easier to keep your garden looking great. Incorporate a mix of native flowers like oxeye daisies, shrubs like holly, and trees such as rowans to provide an ample supply of nectar, seeds, and berries. Think about the plants you want in your garden during different seasons like spring and autumn as this will promote wildlife all year long.

Create Shelter and Nesting Sites

Wildlife needs suitable shelter and nesting sites to feel safe and raise their young. Many new build developments have requirements to support wildlife, such as incorporating bird or bat boxes in the garden. In some cases, this might also include hedgehog highways in the fencing and if it’s a conservation area there might be further accommodations made for badgers. So it’s a good idea to check when you reserve your property what the plans are for wildlife welfare on your development.

Other things you can do to support wildlife in your garden is to Incorporate dense shrubs and bushes, such as holly or hawthorn, to provide cover and protection. If there aren’t any bird box requirements in place already, you might want to install bird boxes in various locations around your garden to attract nesting birds. Different species prefer different box sizes and placements, so research which birds are common in your area and tailor your boxes accordingly.

Transform Your New Build Garden Into a Wildlife Nirvana

By following these steps and incorporating wildlife-friendly elements into your new build garden, you can create a haven for birds and other wildlife. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your door, but you'll also contribute to the preservation of local biodiversity. So, grab your gardening tools and get started on transforming your garden into a wildlife paradise!

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