Moving into a new build offers a unique opportunity to create an environment that truly reflects your style and personality. You’ll likely want to start decorating right away to put your mark on the property - and one of the simplest yet most effective ways to add life and colour to your new space is through the addition of indoor plants. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they also bring numerous health benefits, such as purifying the air and reducing stress. Below, we explore some of the best indoor house plants that are perfect for your new build.

Low Maintenance and Hardy: The Ideal Starters

Opting for low maintenance, hardy house plants is a great foundation for your new builds interior design. By bringing in these hassle-free plants, you can accentuate your existing interior styling while also reaping the many benefits house plants provide. Some great starter house plants include:

A snake plant in a grey and white pot on a wooden floor in front of a pink wall

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

This is a top choice for new homeowners. Snake plants are not only stylish with their upright, variegated leaves but are also incredibly hardy. They can thrive in low light conditions and require minimal watering, making them ideal for busy individuals or those new to plant care.

A ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) potted in a grey pot in front of a beige wall

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Known for its glossy, green leaves, the ZZ plant is another low-maintenance option that looks great. It's drought-tolerant and can survive in areas with little natural light. Perfect for corners of your home that need a touch of greenery without the hassle.

Adding a Splash of Colour

One of the best interior design tips that utilises house plants is colour matching. You can bring in house plants with specific colour schemes to accentuate your existing decor. For example, you can try out the following options:

Anthurium plant in a multicoloured pot in front of a grey wall


This plant is famous for its brightly coloured, heart-shaped flowers, which can bring a pop of colour to any room. Anthuriums prefer bright, indirect light and regular watering, but they're relatively easy to care for and can bloom throughout the year.

African Violet (Saintpaulia) plant in front of a grey wall

African Violet (Saintpaulia)

Compact and charming, African violets offer a variety of flower colours and can bloom multiple times a year with the right care. They prefer bright, indirect light and consistent moisture, making them a lovely addition to place near window sills.

Air-Purifying Champions

Another huge perk of house plants is their ability to purify the air in your home. There are some plant species that do this better than others, including:

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Not only are spider plants known for their unique and appealing look, but they are also champions at purifying indoor air. They are easy to grow and can thrive in a variety of conditions, making them a great choice for any room in your house.

A peace lily plant with a white flower in a wicker basket placed in front of a net curtain

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

This plant is not only beautiful with its white, spoon-shaped flowers but also a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning the air. Peace lilies are relatively easy to care for, though they do prefer more humidity and consistent moisture.

Breathe New Life Into Your New Build Home With the Right House Plants

Incorporating house plants into your new build home is a wonderful way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. From the low-maintenance snake plant to the vibrant anthurium, there is a wide range of options to suit every space and lifestyle. Not only do these plants enhance the beauty of your home, but they also contribute to a healthier, more relaxing environment.

If you’re looking for your forever home to fill with stunning house plants, take a look at the latest developments available at Beech Grove Homes. If you’d like to know more about the  options available, please get in touch with our team for more information.