The interior of a home is as individual as those that live inside it and when it comes to moving into a new-build home, like one of ours there is excitement in being given a blank canvas to decorate. If you’re looking for some inspiration, interior design professionals from Clayton & Co. have looked at some of the current trends in colour and patterns. Discover more in our Design Ideas page.

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Home decorating ideas are changing and evolving constantly, just like clothing. We’ve been taking a look at some of the current trends and looks that are proving popular in interior design. Remember, everyone’s taste is different but we hope some of these may give you inspiration.

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Internal of bedroom

Bold Colour & Pattern

Homeowners are becoming more confident in their choices of colour and there is a move away from the traditional cool greys to warmer, bolder and richer tones. Deep blues and mustard yellows combined with earthy tones look fabulous together. Blocks of colour and combining a mix of patterns, texture and prints is great way to create a beautiful room.

Wallpaper has never gone out of style, but it’s also taken a long time to shed its reputation as ‘old fashioned’, but thanks to the digital print-age innovation is endless. The range of styles and patterns is endless! Feature walls of mural like wallpaper can bring another world into your room.

Green living room with pink sofa

Nature and The Environment

Green is a key colour here from the deep, dark greens of the forest to soft sage and fern greens. There is a shade of green for every interior space. Nature inspired wallpapers and fabrics of foliage, flowers, birds and animals are also key to this trend.

Textures are also fundamental to this look so using natural materials such as rattan, wood, wools, linens etc. bring the scheme together. It is all about bringing the outside in, helping us to focus on wellbeing, mindfulness and a calmer lifestyle.

Close up of lampshades


With a big emphasis on elemental shapes and repeating geometric patterns, this look is all about simplified but structured design. The recurring patterns and minimal colour palettes found in geometric prints create a sense of routine and structure.

Geometrics work well with organic, natural touches to help soften the overall effect and remember that circles, crescents and ovals are just as geometric as the pointed shapes we usually think of when using the word ‘geometric’. They can be two-dimensional or three and they can be angular, or they can be as smooth as an arc.

Interior of a living room with vintage furniture

New Chintz

This is a huge trend in wallpapers and fabrics.  The new interpretation of this look is quirky and whimsical with a huge colour palette – from soft muted traditional styles, which work well when contrasted with modern furniture, to electric tones and sophisticated prints.

The mixing of cutting edge and tradition is a style that seems set to stay.

Whichever style or combination of styles you choose, your new home will reflect your personality and lifestyle and most of all it should be comfortable, welcoming and easy to live in.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and are not examples of the work of Clayton & Company. You can view their portfolio here.

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