Anna and Matthew Korner-Clements were delighted when they discovered shared ownership was an option at Beech Grove Homes’ Hawkers Reach development in Padstow.

The married couple, who had been renting privately, were keen to get on the property ladder but found themselves increasingly priced out of the market in the Cornish fishing port that has been their home for nearly eight years.

That was until the couple, who both work as full-time clothing shop assistants in the town, learned about Hawkers Reach, eventually purchasing a three-bedroom semi-detached home through shared ownership.

Anna explained: “When our landlady put the house up for sale we realised we had two options - to find another rental or to try to buy. We didn’t have many savings but we felt at our stage of life buying would be a good idea if we could.

“After having looked around at older housing for sale in the area and finding it out of our price bracket as far as the possible deposit was concerned, we saw Hawkers Reach going up and decided to enquire.

“It would have taken us so long to gather the level of savings we’d have needed for a full value house so when Beech Grove Homes said they had shared ownership available we were so happy.

“It has been an amazing step for us onto the property ladder and with being close to town work is still only a walk away.

“The house is a lovely layout in a quiet location and we’re very happy here.”

Anna added: “When we chose the property we knew shared ownership would work for us and renting in Padstow is hard.”

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